This Terms - Conditions - FAQ Section of London 69 Escorts has been created for our clients and the escorts who would like to work with us. As one of the most popular escort providers in the UK, we firmly believe that having this section on our website will answer the questions that you may have, so you do not have to email or call us each time that you want your queries answered. You may want to make a booking and you want to know how to go about it. Each person has a question to ask, so here is a list of those questions that are frequently asked.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We operate 24/7, which means that you can call us for booking anytime of the day or night at telephone numbers 075 4545 0048 or 020 8816 8833. You can also send us an email at info@london69escorts.com or use our online booking form. You can expect our reply within 12 hours or less.

Q: What is an in call appointment?

A: An in call appointment takes place in the girl’s exclusive London flat. You visit her and get entertained there. When you call us, we will first check if she is available. If she is, then we get back to you to confirm. You will receive her full location, including the nearest tube station either via your landline or mobile phone.
For in calls, you may need to book for one to two hours, though having it extended is possible, but you need to arrange it with us.

Q: What is an outcall appointment?

A: An outcall appointment takes place in your private residence, if you are working or living in the city or in your hotel suite if you are just visiting. You need to provide us with your name, residence address or hotel name and room number. We just want to make it clear that your personal details will be used only to connect you to our model. It will not be passed on to any third party or used to give offers that you did not ask for.
Outcall appointments may also involve dinner dates, social events, corporate meetings, theaters, movies or strolls in the parks. You may need to book for 1 to 2 hours and extension can also be arranged.

Q: Are the photos the real pictures of your escorts?

A: Yes, they are. We never accept and use fake pictures, including those that are enhanced or other individuals’ photographs. We have a policy about being honest to our clients and we will not in any way tarnish our reputation as an honest provider of London escort services.
We know all our escorts personally, because we interview them before they are hired. If the picture submitted to us happens to be photo shopped or is not recent, we will know because of the interview. You might find pictures that have been cropped or with blurred faces. This is because that particular model would like that sort of privacy.

Q: Is it possible to negotiate your escort fees?

A: We have an agreement with our escorts that we will promote their services at the published rates, so the answer is no, they are not negotiable. However, there are some instances when it may depend on your chosen escort and the type and duration of time that you have booked a particular escort for. For example, you may want an overnight meeting after your dinner date or you book a longer duration, say lunch until breakfast the next morning. We would like you to be happy with our service, so we can give you a quote that will suit both you and your escort. Please call us, so we can discuss about it.

Q: Can your escorts accompany me to international travels?

A: Yes, wherever you need to travel worldwide, but this type of service needs to be booked in advance. Some of our ladies need to apply for a visa, so they can be allowed to travel overseas. Also, you will make a 50% deposit to be made through any bank in the UK or any international bank, western union or international bank transfer. We also will require you to provide us your full name, address and other details.

Q: How quickly can you confirm my booking? How much advance notice do you need?
A: If you book while you are in Central London and your chosen escort is based in the city, we can immediately arrange for her to see you in as short as 30 minutes. This is regardless of whether you opt for an in call or outcall meeting. You should use the phone in contacting us, rather than the online booking process. For advance bookings, you can also call or email or use the online booking form on our site.
If you book a day or more in advance, we will need your confirmation on the day of your date at an agreed time. If in case your chosen escort is not available at the time of your appointment, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will recommend another lady or have your meeting set to another date. It will be your choice and we will abide by your decision.

Q: Do your escorts agree to have more than one client per booking?

A: Sadly, no. The service offered is a one escort to one client, however, some of our escorts are agreeable to join a client and escort team or a couple, and may ask for an additional fee. When making a booking, we will appreciate it, if you could clearly state how many clients will be present at the meeting. This will spare you from unwanted disappointments. A party of say, 3 or 4 guests should book 3 or 4 escorts, to make the number of guests and escorts equal.

Q. Is it possible to book 2 or more escorts?

A: Yes, it is. Many of our clients have been booking the services of 2 to 3 escorts, called as group bookings. These ladies often accept bookings as duo escorts. Some of them are friends and are sharing one flat and the others are just work mates that get along well and are comfortable with each other. Dating more than one escort will give you twice the fun and twice the excitement in your encounter. This service is offered only to outcall arrangements and you may be asked to pay a deposit.

Q: Can I book any of your escorts even if my location is outside of London?

A: Yes, you can. However, you need to book a duration of 2 hours meeting at the minimum, depending on the distance between your place and central London. You will be required to make a deposit for the cost of traveling to your location. If the fastest way to get to you is by a taxi or a minicab, then you are also expected to book for her return trip. You will be given a booking reference by the transport company and you will provide us with that reference.

Q: If I have specific requests or questions, will you discuss it with me over the phone or by email?

A: Well, it all depends upon your requests or questions. We cannot speak about the type of intimate services that you want from any of our escorts. We also cannot give you a guarantee that a certain escort will do what you want her to do when you are already together. These things are between you and our lady and do not concern the agency.
Likewise, we do not entertain compromising, vulgar, offensive and anything inappropriate in telephone discussions, email messages, online chats or texts.
However, if you are asking information about our London escorts, such as their nationality, size, hair and eye colors, their fees, spoken languages, fluency in English, looks, then we will provide you all your required information. We will answer your questions as honestly and accurately as we can. There may be instances when we cannot give an immediate answer, as we need to ask our models first for the answer.
For your other requests, like how you want our escort to dress or whether she can agree to a role play, these can be considered. Just tell us what you want and we and our girls will try our best to oblige. It is your satisfaction that is foremost in our mind, so expect us to be springing into action upon your call.

Q: Just found out at first meeting that the escort that I booked is not my type. Tell me what I should do?

A: If your appointment is in call, you must be at her flat and you realize that you don’t like the girl. Be a gentleman enough and tell her with all honesty that you do not want to go through your meeting and then leave. At your discretion you may hand her a small amount for canceling your date. She will be thankful for that.
If the escort has come to your appointed place for an outcall appointment, you do the same. Be a gentleman, be honest, tell her you are canceling your date and give her a cancellation fee.

Q: Is operating an escort agency and booking an escort in London legal?

A: Yes, it is perfectly legal. What we do as an agency is to promote models, companions and escorts to provide companionships at business and social events, travels and other functions. We allow only escorts who are of legal age, that is, 18 years and above to join us as freelancers of escorting services.
We use the internet to promote these girls online and they get their appointments through the advertising that we do. We serve as the link between the clients and our escorts and we arrange for the booking. These clients pay for the time and companionship of these ladies. Whatever these two individuals agree upon when they are together is their private affair.
Booking an escort is legal, provided the two of you are not below 18 years of age. Again, whatever you agree upon when you are together are your concerns only and does not in any way involve the agency. For your peace of mind, we guarantee that none of our escorts will engage in any service that is deemed immoral or illegal. We also confirm that all girls working with us have shown us proof that they are of legal age.

Q: I have a question that I can’t find in this FAQ section and I need your guidance.

A: It’s not a problem. You can always call or email us. You can find our telephone numbers and email address at the top of this section. You can be certain that we will discuss your concerns and offer accurate and honest answers to all your questions. However, as already mentioned, we cannot be expected to speak about an inappropriate subject.

Q: How do I join your agency as an escort?

A: We have an online form where you can provide us with your name and personal details. This should be accompanied by your recent photo. Make sure that all the information that you provide is correct and that your photograph is real and not enhanced or over-retouched.
If you are under 18 years of age, your application will not be accepted. We also will not accept your application if you belong to those people, who do not legally live or work in the UK, if you send us a photo shopped photograph or other individuals’ photograph for your profile.
Once we accept your application, we will schedule you for an interview. The purpose of this is to see you personally, ask for additional pictures, learn about your availability for work, your interests and everything else about you.
You can join our team for free and we do not ask for anything from you. We will make a booking for you if you accept it. Note that your bookings are dependent upon our online advertising, so there is no guarantee how much booking you can get. Your insurance, taxes and visa requirements shall be handled by concerned professionals. During your meeting, everything that you have agreed upon should be honored and you can always say no if you are not comfortable with the things that are not on the agreement.

Q: Can your escorts be booked for public events like sports and social functions?

A: Yes, many of escorts who are listed with us can be effective as hostesses for sports and social functions including fundraising, exhibitions, horse races, trade fairs, and even your own party. It would be better if you can call us, so we discuss about the entire set-up, including the girls’ fees and the details of the event.

Q: Will you refund me for cancelled prepaid booking?

A: If you cancel a booking less than 48 hours before your scheduled meeting, we can’t give you a refund for your deposit or prepaid costs for travel. If you notify us about the cancellation more than 48 hours, then, we agree to give you back your payment.
In addition, if the cancellation is done by the escort for reason(s) that are beyond her control, we either give back your money, suggest an alternative escort for your approval or reschedule your meeting to another date.

Q: Do you have special packages on offer?

A: Yes. We can arrange a trip for you and your chosen escort to any destination. We can ask some of our travel and entertainment connections for assistance in providing you with the best service, including a private air travel, a limousine driven by an expert driver, a yacht, booking in any first class hotel, securing concert tickets and others.
The above questions and answers have been collected from our vast experience of dealing with clients and girls who would like to join our agency for employment. These discerning gentlemen often ask for booking guidance or additional information about a particular escort that they would like to date. Some of them have been asking if they can negotiate the escorts’ fees or have a refund in case of cancellation.
On the part of would-be aspirants to this occupation, these are the ladies, who seek information on how they can get in. Perhaps some would like to know how many bookings we can arrange for them and how they should react to a certain situation.
Well, all of these clients and prospective escorts concerns have been compiled into one section, the FAQs section. You only need to read through to get the answers. For your other queries that are not included in this section, all it takes is just a single call from you to get an answer. We would like to make everything clear to you to avoid confusions and disappointments in the end. Last, but not the least we value your happiness and satisfaction the most.