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Featuring a top-notch team of dedicated escorts, we are all about serving our clientele to the fullest. One of the key ways we do this is through our girl of the week section - featuring the most sought after escorts on staff. We update this page every week to ensure that the girls showcased here guarantee our clients something in style. Cravings and desires are always in flux, and we want to make sure that we provide pleasure in the present.
Only The Best

Every week, we cull through all of our client’s reviews - looking out for the best and the brightest. We are fully dedicated to satisfying our clients’ every desire and ensuring that they get only the best models to meet their needs. Each week we read raving reviews about our escorts - but some stand apart from the others.

When our girls go truly above and beyond, the clients can tell - and they don’t hesitate to let us know. Honest reviews reveal to us which escort is really shining this week, accommodating the current trends and really exemplifying our commitment to keeping you satisfied.

These reviews are tallied-up and compute into the girls of the week: top escorts serving you with something in style.

Check-In Every Week

Since this page is always updating, make sure to check it every week to see which escorts are thriving. This section showcases girls at the top of their game (and that is definitely something you want to take advantage of). All of our escorts are dedicated to serving your fantasies, and, when they exceed this standard, we make sure to reward them (and you). Our girl of the week section is all about the best, so make sure to stay tuned and make the most of these scintillating features.