People from all generation love to play the game. Game is just like an addiction which always encourages you and insists you to complete the every next level. In the game world there is a new sensation called the Role Play Game. But what type of game is it? Let’s start the game. 

What is Role Playing Game?

The Role Playing Game or RPG is the game where player assumes the character and play or act like the gaming character and follow each and every steps or process of the game. The original version of this game is called the Table Top RPG which is performed with a table discussion instead of a body movement. Another is the Live action role playing games (LRPG) where players physically performs as per their character.  The game master who is the arranger of this both game decides the rules of the game and he acts like the referee throughout the game.

What type of Role Play Game exists?

Role play is that kind of game where you have to act like the gaming character and play like that way. There are variety types of Role play game exists in the game world. Here is the list of such games. 

The two types of role play games are very popular i.e. Party Games & Tabletop games. There are some move divisions or part of these two types of games. Let’s start with the Party Games. 

Party Games: Now a day, party games are very popular. There are so many role play games which are the part of the Party Game. 

* Conversation Game:

To play this game you just need the ability to continue the conversation. This game gained its popularity by the hip hop culture and the famous TV shows Yo Momma and Wild’N Out. Then it speared it popularity with the help of other reality shows like Twenty Questions, What are They Thinking? Walrus, The Dozens. Etc. 

* Daring Game:

If you love to play the dare game then you should participate or engage yourself into these types of game where you have to perform some daring things. This game also have some verities like Gladiatorial Game, Chicken Game, Mumblety-Peg, Russian Roulette. 

* Guessing Game:

This is a very interesting game and almost every where every one love to play this game. The basic fact of this game is you have to use your idea or assumption to give a right answer. Suppose you have to ask that how many mushrooms are there in the jar, and then without counting you have answer that correctly or closely to the right answer. 

Tabletop Games: This is mainly an indoor game as well as the corporate game too. You can play this game by sitting on the chair table. There are also many types of game which you would like to play. 

* Board Game:

This is mostly played in the office, or pub, in this game you have to follow a certain rules or strategy. Monopoly is one of the famous and popular board game played in America. 

* Miniature Wargaming:

This war gaming has some miniature figures or armor who fight against each other. You can played it with the counters on a table, so overall it is an interesting game ever. 

* Paper and Pencil Game:

This type of game is really the favorite one mostly for the children, they love to play this game, sometime some teenagers and adult also play this game to get rid from their boredom. Some popular games are Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots and Boxes, Stub etc. 

Enjoy your everyday and get rid from your boredom or frustrated life by playing this kind of games.