Casinos of England are first of all architectural exhibits, and only then fancy clubs. The majority of gambling houses in London and beyond its limits have been built in the 19-20th centuries, after which their style diligently remained for decades. Below we present you a list of some of the best VIP casinos of Great Britain. 

Les Ambassadeurs Club

To start off the guide to London casinos, we present you the biggest gambling platform in the open sky. This new unique platform for games is equipped with a heated floor, marble bathrooms, modern all-weather HDTVs to watch your favorite sports programs – all this in a quiet and cozy corner outside the main gambling hall. Here it is possible to smoke and enjoy the fresh air, which you will not find in any other VIP-casino.

The selection of games include blackjack, Texas holdy, an electronic roulette and games, traditional for casino. Facilities are provided to enjoy wines from the bar located nearby, smoking cigars in a specialized salon and deriving pleasure from a game. At the bar, the lovers of cigars can choose themselves a cigar to taste from the menu of the Cuban and pre-revolutionary (pre-Castro) cigars, without coming off the game. The salon for smokers represents a fantastic garden protected from external noise located at the corner of Park Lane, two steps away from one of the most famous parks of the world. Some plants growing in the garden are protected by the law due to their age and rarity, which creates an exotic and unique atmosphere. All this created to provide that extra bit of comfort to guests. 

Clermont Club 

This club is the keeper of traditions of aristocratical England. The building in which the club is placed has been built in 1742 by the talented architect and designer William Kent. Ever since is is loyal to architectural traditions of the 18th century. Inside the casino, everything reminds players of their exclusiveness and the status. Eaves and colons are decorated with a beautiful stucco molding, and from the ceilings you can see two-meter chandeliers hanging down. Tourists rightly call Clermont Club the best casino of England. But to become a member of this elite institution is not so simple as it may seem. To start gambling it is necessary to submit an application for the accession to club in 24 hours prior to the planned game at Clermont, and it does not guarantee that the guest will be let in. There is also a strict dress code in the casino and a face control, which is also complicating the entrance.

Mint Casino

This casino is very popular among tourists and visitors. It is well-known for not only having all the standard European gambling games, but also offering a set of shows and entertainment. Within the walls of an institution tourists can play classic poker, the American roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean herds and three-card poker. Big advantage and benefit of Mint Casino is the lack of obligatory membership, therefore any tourist who has reached the age of 18 can pass the door and test some machines and poker tables. 

Hippodrome Casino

The legendary casino “Ippodrom” has begun work in London in 1990, and its history has been full of significant events. Many famous people were visitors of the gambling house, and the most known appeared on stage. At different times you could see different entertainment celebrities. Now it is one of the most popular gambling places of the capital of Great Britain. 

The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club is located on Piccadilly Street and is famous for the restaurants and boutiques. To play games you are required to become the clubman and to pay a contribution to 1,000 pounds sterling. After payment, the club card is made out on site and the person can finally start gambling. Within the walls of The Ritz Club you will find lots of gaming machines and tables for poker, roulette, Bakkara and Punto Banco.

The Casino at the Empire

The Casino at the Empire welcomes you to a place of fantastic bars and excellent restaurants, each of which recommends CasinoTravelTours. A tremendous gambling atmosphere leaves everyone charged with positive mood and experienced positive emotions. More than 200 automatic machines and 25 game tables, located in the center of the Foggy Albion. All you need to get in is to show any identity document (passport, driver license, ID card).

Gambling clubs of Great Britain are the most stylish and expensive casinos of Europe. Thousands of positive feedback is being left by happy tourists who are not used to such luxury and attention to detail.

In 2010, a sociological survey was carried out among residents of the European Union countries, by results of which the most gambling nation of Europe was defined. First place in the table of rating was taken by Spain, Italy and Poland; England was placed on the fourth position. This implies that the standard of living at local population is rather high therefore people are able to afford to spend a part of the earned funds for hazardous entertainments, but at the same time their pragmatism doesn’t allow them to get to the first place in the rating. This also explains the number of amazing clubs and the demand for gambling.