London receives a big number of visitors on a daily basis, which is one reason why the escorting business is flourishing in this city. People come here either for pleasure or business and the gentlemen tend to maximize their enjoyment by tasting life differently. These gentlemen spend some time with gorgeous models and they are very willing to handsomely pay for the girls’ outstanding services.

It is regulated business in the capital and girls working here as paid companions are making up to thousands of pounds in one day. The male visitors here often prefer beautiful girls with voluptuous figures, but there are also some who are happy to be with slim and petite girls. The ladies market themselves by creating their own websites and posting their pictures there. Some are joining escort agencies that handle their marketing and their introduction to clients.

While the job of a female companion may involve making love with a client, for some girls this is not necessarily so. The ladies who are not comfortable getting intimate with strangers can opt to just accompany you to an event or a party; and this depends on what you two agree upon.

All girls should be 18 years old and older to be able to work in the industry. Each one of them is free to decide what their published rate would be. Those who are willing to be intimate with a client should indicate on their profiles the kind of pleasurable services they can offer such as A-level, role play, fetish, duo, service to couples and others. Other people may not approve of these acts, but this is a kind of adult entertainment, and slowly but steadily being accepted by society.

Paid companions should practice discretion at all times. Their date with a client, including all the details and personal information should be kept in strict confidence. Whatever takes place between you and the lady should be your secret and should not be known to any third party. They never know, but you could be a popular personality, like a government official or a celebrated movie actor. Even if you are a regular person and not a celebrity, your identity should be kept a secret.

Some of these girls are not at all jobless when they started working in the escorting industry. There are college students, corporate executives and fashion models who work as paid companions to get additional income or to meet new and interesting people. Some of them are happy with their jobs because they get the opportunity to travel to beautiful places with all expenses paid.