Each time I visit London on business, I never fail to book my favorite busty girl for a night out. Sometimes we go to a fine restaurant, sometimes for a movie, the theater or a walk in the park. Before we conclude the night, we have our private moments at my hotel room. It was always like that and we have become comfortable with each other.

When my last trip was delayed, I became pressed for time and my need for a companion became a last minute thing. I felt so disappointed when I learned that my regular date was booked for a weekend by another guy. Because I was so horny then, I went through the gallery of the agency where my favorite girl was listed. As I browse the photos, my attention was caught by two young ladies posing together and labeled as “duos”.

That photo caused an idea to cross my mind. How does it feel to be entertained by not only one girl, but two? It will surely be twice the fun, twice the adventure and twice the satisfaction and then I finally thought, I’d like to try it. At this instance, my heart began to beat faster and I felt I am getting harder down there that my pants became suddenly uncomfortable. I called the agency and booked a duo and opted for an outcall service. It means that the ladies will be coming to my hotel room.

While I wait for them to come knocking on my door, I took a shower and put on a robe while trembling with excitement. It did not take them long to be there, so I hurriedly opened the door, and there they were. Two beautiful young ladies who are almost identical to each other are standing in front of me. Both were smiling, both were in a coat that could barely hide their lingerie. I let them in and handed them an envelope with their payment inside and they immediately started their work.

First they danced with each other and I just watched as they are started getting naughty, touching each other’s skin, nipples, the entire breasts and pressing their hot bodies to one another. I was controlling myself very hard; so I decided to join them. We are three bodies now, dancing to the music, the title of which I can’t recall; but it was soft music. I danced with them, holding them in my arms, while I feel I was being touched – my nipples, my whole back, the hair on my chest etc. I can’t determine whose hand is on my buttocks and whose lips are kissing the skin near my groin.

The two young babes tweaked and teased and stroked; and they played with me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just shut my eyes to feel their magic working on me. I gave them complete control over me while dancing. As to how long I can control myself, I don’t know. As for that moment, I just want them to show me how these magnificent companions can be better than one.