I find the word ‘desire’ to be really funny. As a 20-year old escort, I have met a lot of men in the last two years, and the definition of desire kind of changes every other minute. I know my job and I love it, because it allows me to experiment and be someone else every single day. Whenever I am with a man, I find a new side of my existence, because my clients always have unique desires. Is it possible to decode the desire? I say yes, and I will try to talk of it in the ways I have experienced. 

Some men are just looking for some thrill and excitement, and their fascinations are kind of unique and cliché at the same time. They want to know a woman’s body in their own ways, and it is kind of great to understand the kind of passion they share at an individual level. I have a client who would always call me on every fortnight and insist on coming in a black lace dress, and he literally pays me to get a new style each time. I have always talked of the other colors and how good pink looks on me, but he just won’t get past his obsession with black. 

Then, there are men who love to talk dirty, and they don’t mind trying new things. Such clients don’t mind asking for favors, and they would often want me to teach them new things. I have tried new kind of toys with them, used those creative butt plugs, and more in recent times, I have started to like bondage. They don’t really look beyond these things, and fucking isn’t the only desire. They want to explore, find a woman’s body in new ways, and I cannot even express how many things I have learnt from them.

Of course, not all men want to go into sex right away. Some just desire company. From enjoying a couple of drinks to going for a long drive, they just want me to be along. Many of these clients of mine are regulars, and I do even enjoy long office trips with men, often out of London. They are just looking for a date, and when they have that, the real sex isn’t really something that excites them. I have made out with men, who wouldn’t stop talking of their lonely life, and I have also come across guys who love to discuss even their work. 

Desires are defined by the void in life, and with escorts like us, the entertainment quotient just makes a comeback. I know of a lot of men, who still don’t want to break the world rules, but for those who do, they have the best excitement and thrill, and I do enjoy with them the most. Love and passion are true desires, and with every man I meet, I see a new side of both those things. Do I try to understand them? Yes, I do. After all, we all are looking for comfort level, and if I miss on that level, I am probably not doing my job right. If you are a man who hasn’t taken a shot with a hot escort as yet, I insist you give your passions some depth and real touch.