The cost of dating with girls will depend on a few factors, such as the category (elite, high class, a-level, cheap, etc). The fees vary from one category to the other. Aside from the fees, there are also other expenses that you need to take care of such as taxi fares and food and drinks when you go out on a date. If you are visiting the lady at her residence, then your only expense is her fee (unless of course you want to bring her a present when you first meet).

The fees of girls in agencies are usually fixed, so they have models that you can book for 150, 200 or 250 pounds per hour. Affordable are those that charge lower fees, but offer the same high class service as elite or VIP models.

The kind of services offered can also be a factor in how the girls charge. There are full service (FS) or condom blow job (CBJ), the rates vary no doubt due to the service offered. The other services that are not included in the two above are called fetishes. This service may range from the simplest role play to the weirdest anal sex and any lady may or may not agree to do an act if she does not feel comfortable with it or when it threatens her health.

When busty and blonde anal become popular for their beauties and excellent service, more gentlemen will want to book her repeatedly. Therefore, the lady will have regular clients, which she would prefer over new men whom she does not know very well. Then these regulars will start filling her time and she may consider increasing her rate per hour. She may even require an advance booking before you can get an appointment and take her out on a date.

Some A-level escorts are like celebrities in the sense that they have raving fans. Whether a girl works with an agency or independently, they can run an ad online. When the fans see these ads, they follow the lady and most often book her services to see their idol in flesh. As the number of raving fans increases, the lady’s schedule will booked all the time, which can be a reason for the increased rates.

The above factors are only some of those things that may affect the cost of dating a cheap or elite lady. This may be helpful information for men who are dating for the first time, however, those who are regulars know already how much money they need to set aside for this kind of adult entertainment. Even those who have limited budget can experience the pleasure that they long for, as there are ladies whose rates will not make you bankrupt. So you needn’t be left out from this sort of adult fun or you can fill in the pressing need of a sexy office assistant with one of our girls, even on a limited budget and that’s the beauty of our agency, we cater to men from all walks of life.