London is an expensive city to be in, yet a great number of people want to live here. These people have good reasons for wanting so. When it comes to financial and retail services and other sectors, the capital city is very productive.  The consumption amenities are unmatched, justifying the high cost of living. People with money from around the world come to London and decide to stay here and buy luxury properties, stay in expensive hotels, pay expensive rents and hire expensive London escorts. 

People who visit the city for work are able to stay at the luxury Four Seasons or The Intercontinental Hotels in Park Lane. When they get lonely, it’s easy for them to book expensive escorts. A majority of guys who are hiring female companions are from other countries and are staying in five star hotels. He could be a US diplomat, who is visiting his country’s embassy at Grosvenor Square or a high flying corporate executive who is in town to close a business deal,  they have money to spend if they want to get entertained during their free time.

If you are accustomed to perfection and excellence, you would like to be with no less than an elite girl. To you, her companionship is priceless, even if she charges higher rates. What you pay for is what you get and this applies to the entertainment industry, where different price points determine the level of service. High-class companions are very desirable, intelligent, sophisticated and possess versatile skills. 

Generally, high class ladies are naturally beautiful and gorgeous. They are well educated, stylish, have good tastes, with polished manners and are respectful. Their fashion tastes and styles are important factors in being high class, as well as their social etiquette and poise. However, their manner of handling different kinds of clients is the major factor that determines a top class companion. She must be incredibly intuitive, proficient at connecting with clients and very attentive. She knows how to please a guy and make him feel like a royalty in her companionship.

If you’re a clever and discriminating guy, you would want to have a VIP escort to go for high end events that you attend.  These women surely will be able to present themselves in front of your powerful and wealthy colleagues. Many of them are multi lingual and always show their confidence in any situation. These girls are discreet and most of all professional. You can best enjoy the city’s high class amenities in the company of these girls.

If you are looking for the difference between a cheap babe and an expensive companion, there may be some little things, which set them apart. Perhaps it is in terms of beauty and skills, their rates and the type of clientele that the girls go out with. If a guy is just working class and not as wealthy as government officials and high ranking executives, he will not be able to afford the rates charged by elite companions. Therefore, that is one major difference – the amount of money the clients they cater to have.

When it comes to beauty and skills, cheap girls are not far behind. They are just as beautiful as the expensive women are and as skilled too.  You can take them too to any event and you’ll be proud of them being by your side. These girls are the best way to find entertainment and relaxation. The agency will be happy to introduce any one of these girls to you, if you are interested in meeting her. You may not believe it, but London companions, regardless of their categories, have the ability to keep you wide awake at midnight.

Ladies, who charge lower rates know also how to entertain and keep their clients happy and pleased.  You will be treated not just as a customer but also as a real partner. You will love how these girls perform during a date. All of them are great in any aspect of companionship and you will get satisfied with the experience. If you need a massage, so you can de-stress, a cheap companion can give it to you, too.

These  cheap girls are for not only sexual gratification and pleasure. You may want to just take a stroll in the park, visit the galleries and museums or simply have a pair of listening ears for whatever you want to say. These ladies will provide you with a friendly companionship. Find a girl of your choice from the galleries of certain reputed websites. The pictures of the women are posted there.

Once you’ve decided on your dream girl, you contact the agency receptionist.  If you can’t decide, like other guys who get confused by the wide selection, don’t worry. The receptionist, knowing all the cheap girls in their service, can recommend to you another girl, who suits your tastes and preferences. If you agree to the recommendation, then your appointment is set and you could expect that girl to be knocking on your door within minutes, if that is what you have asked for.

Therefore, there you have them. The “differences” (if there is any) between an expensive companion and a cheap one. Both have the beauty and the skills. If one is better than the other is, it is only a bit of a difference. When a lady is categorized as cheap, it does not refer to the quality of service or even the physical attributes, but rather the fee they charge their customers. A client can spend about a thousand pounds on a date with an expensive model, but only about 150 pounds on a cheap one. So you decide what is a better bargain for you?