Sabrina is just 21 years old. When we called her for an interview, she showed amazing interest in talking about her profession. In a frank and candid talk, she reveals what it takes to be in this profession. 

Interviewer: Hi Sabrina, you are too young at 21 to be in this business, don’t you think?

Sabrina: Oh, no! Girls decide on this at a much younger age. It’s just my second year in this profession, and despite all my initial concerns and doubts, I am glad I took the decision. 

Interviewer: What is more tempting – money or excitement?

Sabrina: I would be living in a bubble if I denied my excitement about money. Of course, it remains one of my main motivations. I own an apartment and a car at 21, which probably doesn’t happen to all. As for the overall excitement, I don’t deny that either. It has been a roller coaster ride so far. 

Interviewer: What have you learned in these two years?

Sabrina: I have seen men come with all kinds of expectations, and since I offer girlfriend experience, they want to get ultra romantic and naughty at the same time. In between the sex and candlelight dinners, I have learned that life isn’t easy and relationships are fragile. That doesn’t change my perception of love though. Love still is an untouched genre, but one thing is for sure – Not everyone is happy in their relationships and life, and it is often sad to see so many men looking for temporary happiness. 

Interviewer: Has it changed your perceptions of men?

Sabrina: No, it hasn’t. We all are vulnerable in some ways or the other. For a man who wants just sex, life isn’t just about that. He might be looking for an escapade, but he is still a human. I love to cater to my clients with utmost care and make sure that they have a good time. This is probably why most of my clients are regular to me. They know they can get it all from me – Hot and happening sex, as well as, honest conversations. 

Interviewer: What about your family? Do they know of your job?

Sabrina: No, I haven’t told them. For them, I am a model, and I maintain that image. Women are allowed to have so many things in life, and yet, people, including parents, are often judgmental of the way women use their body. When a man can use his arm power to do manual jobs, why should it be different for a woman? I don’t want them to know of it, because they wouldn’t see anything good in this. For me, it is liberating and amazing in many ways. 

Interviewer: What do you usually do? To be precise, what kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

Sabrina: You probably know that I am into GFE, and that isn’t just fucking. Some men just drink wine, we talk of sex and other things, and more often than not, I am with them enjoying a casual date. However, I also meet clients who want to enjoy in the bed right away, and I think that isn’t bad either. I love when men get naughty and dirty, and thanks to this job, I know what it takes to read minds. Escorts have a job of pleasing their partners, and I do that in all ways possible. Before you ask, I must admit that I love dual appointments too. 

Interviewer: Is there something you don’t like?

Sabrina: Yes. There are days when I want to avoid honest talks, but I have to still put my makeup. Although it can be vulnerable for me, but I love when strangers open their heart. Also, I don’t like when men don’t take things in the right perspective. I believe you have to keep a level of respect to enjoy simple sex too, and if that doesn’t come my way, it is a big turn off. 

Interviewer: When was the last time you enjoyed with a client? 

Sabrina: I don’t like to fake things on most occasions. So, I do enjoy most of my outings. The last time, I met a man, who was probably around 35, and we really enjoyed a lot. More than sex, he was interested in exploring sides of his sexuality, which I think is a great, great thing. He had hired me for a night, but we ended up spending the weekend together. I still miss him I think. 

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for young escorts?

Sabrina: I think it is essential to understand the profession and respect the things that come along. You can set your rules and have every right to make choices, which is why it is essential to have the right agency. Some agencies, especially mine, are extremely professional and they let me make my choices. As a girl new to this profession, it is good to have no bonds. The more you stay away from emotions and expectations, the more entertaining time you will have. Also, you have to keep learning. Unless you know what a man wants, you cannot get the cues right. 

Interviewer: Finally, where do you see yourself in next five years? Do you intend to work for long?

Sabrina: Not really. I don’t think I will do this for a long time, but it all depends on how pleased I am. Honestly, it is essential to be happy with the work you do, and if that doesn’t happen to me, I will quit. In the next five years, I want to open my own startup in web design and I also have plans to work with some businesses. This profession may or may not be a part of my life, but I won’t forget the things I have learned. Yes, I still want a relationship, marriage and everything else, and for those things, I might quit someday for no other reason.