Men visit the agencies because they want to get relaxed and entertained. They have their fantasies and secret dreams that they want realized. When booking a companion, these dreams shouldn’t be kept a secret. A man can always make requests and his companion, will try to accommodate their fantasies. It is very rare when a woman refuses to grant a specific request, especially when it concerns their safety.

Here are some of the fantasies that men usually have and want to play out.

Role Plays

Many men are turned on by girls dressed as a sexy secretary or a naughty nurse and even a demure school girl. It is not enough that the lady just dresses up with the uniform and matching silk stockings, killer heels and a bra that covers only ¼ of her bust. She should actually play the role of whomever the client fantasizes.

Three’s Company

This fantasy is one of the oldest and the most requested by men. They book duo escorts and watch them perform sex acts. When they can’t resist the urge anymore, the client joins them and experiences tremendous fun. Sometimes, the client may act as a porn director and give instructions to the girls before an act is performed.


This type of fantasy will have the lady doing whatever the client wants her to do, before and during a sex act. The man controls the woman in whatever he desires and sometimes may involve spanking for his pleasure. This should be safely done, though and should not go beyond hurting the girl terribly.


This fantasy is the opposite of submission. In domination, it is the girl who will control their sexual acts. She will give the commands and the client will follow. Many men love this idea, seeming helpless, sometimes tied up and asked to do things that will please her companion. However, at the end, they both experience pleasure.

Paying for Sex

This is an appealing idea for men, who are not inclined to have emotional ties with any girl – they pay to have sex. Some men just want to have a release and relax, which is much the same as scratching an itchy head.

Sex in Public PlacesIt is not a common fantasy, so is very seldom requested by men. Having sex in a place where there is a high risk of getting caught or seen gives a thrill to very few men. This is done mostly inside a parked car, a lift or in a garden. This is a difficult fantasy to control, so may be granted only to clients who are regularly dating them or those that they know very well.

Oral or Anal Sex

This fantasy is not extraordinary and is not difficult for girl to grant when requested. There are men, who just love the feel of a hot hands, tongue or mouth on their body. The sensation can easily bring them to climax and this is truly enjoyable for them.